Think outside the box!!

With creative thinking and the proper tools, we can create a customized fundraising event perfect for your group. Although walk-a-thons, golf tournaments, and gala events, are great event ideas they don’t set you apart from others.

The best place to start is by looking at the core of your organization or business. What is the mission of your organization? You want an event that helps to convey your mission to your supporters and the community at large. What are you trying to accomplish? Yes, spreading awareness for your cause and meeting financial needs is key, but be specific here. How can you create an event that will appeal to your audience and local community while helping you accomplish your goals? These questions can be answered by the Vortex event team at the beginning of your planning cycle.

Here are 10 event ideas that can generate major revenue for your cause.

  1. Bike Race
  2. Video Gaming for Good
  3. Local Concert
  4. Bake-off
  5. Pub Crawl
  6. Casino Night
  7. Silent Auction
  8. Raffle Fundraiser
  9. Fashion Show

Ready to plan an amazing event? Let us know in the comments below!

The Benefits of Google Adwords

If you’re looking for help with AdWords, we can set up and manage your campaigns for you. Businesses could get their ad in front of prospective customers when they were making a buying decision. Google AdWords search ads allow you to get your business in front of your prospective customers exactly when they need your product or service. It’s hard to beat that kind of timing with any other kind of advertising.

Google AdWords has done most of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to tracking and reporting on your return on investment (ROI).

Sure, you’ll likely need help from a web developer, but it’s not overly complicated. Our team of Google specialist can complete can set it up steps for you and then you’ll be able to track sales, phone calls, and even offline sales that were closed via phone calls or in-person. Plus, you’ll be able to run reports to see exactly which keywords and ads are driving sales so you can allocate your budget to what’s working and maximize your ROI.

It will assist with your SEO strategy. With search engine optimization (SEO), it can take months to even years to get your business to rank high on the first page of Google. But once your website is ranking high, then you don’t pay for all the clicks. Google AdWords gives you the ability to test different keywords quickly to see if they drive sales for your business. Yes, it will cost money to test the keywords because you’ll be paying for clicks. However, you’ll save money in the long run because you’ll ensure you’re investing your SEO budget on keywords that will actually generate sales when your website is ranking.

This one is not so obvious, but Google AdWords will help you improve your website for two reasons:

1. When you’re investing money into ads, then you’re going to be more critical of your website. It’s easy to ignore your website when the traffic is free, but as soon as you start paying for traffic, then that’ll light a fire under you to finally upgrade your website.

2. Google AdWords gives you consistent traffic to split test your webpage copy and layout to find the best combinations. Once you see what works best from your ad tests, then you can roll that out across your entire website to improve overall website conversion rates.

3. Last but not least, Google AdWords search ads will help improve all your other advertising. Google AdWords gives you consistent traffic to improve your website and also test different offers until you find the one that generates the most sales.Second, Google AdWords forces you to understand your numbers. Once your ads are live, you’ll see how much it costs to generate a visitor to your website. You’ll also see how many of those visitors convert to leads and sales. And ultimately, you’ll be able to compare your cost per sale versus your lifetime value per sale.

To be successful with Google AdWords you have to know exactly how much you can afford to pay per click for all of your keywords. That’s what determines how much you can bid.

By going through the exercise of calculating your customer lifetime value and defining how much you can afford to pay for a visitor to your website, you’ll be able to make better decisions about all of your other advertising.

Want Help with Google AdWords?

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Experiential marketing is the smartest way to reach your target audience during the summer to create positive lasting impressions, promote new items, boost sales and make your brand stand out. After a marketing event, 74% of the participants have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product or service being promoted. Budgets of all sizes can participate from footprints at large festivals to local community farmer’s markets or high traffic area beaches. Your customers are outside this summer so you should be too!

Whatever your brand contact us to brainstorm that amazing idea that will enhance your customer’s summer and keep your product or service top of mind. There’s a creative and fun way to bring any brand to life, here are a couple initial thought starters that can be tailored to reach the right demographic at the right budget.

Beauty Brand – create a mobile salon for consumers to try out the products first hand! Professional makeup or hair stylists will talk about the brand, give individualized tips for best usage and each person will walk away looking and feeling great courtesy of your brand! The mobile tour can visit retail locations, fairs/festivals, malls, and beaches.

Food Brand – everyone gets hungry and your brand can be there to save the day! Use a social media vending machine to collect consumer data and dispense delicious treats. A video team can capture exciting moments and a highlight sizzle reel can help the campaign go viral.

If you’re interested in our experiential marketing, take a look at our most recent work here

Say “No” to do it yourself Social Media

As social media continues to change the way people communicate it’s become increasingly important for all types of business to have some sort of presence on various social media platforms.Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn aren’t going away and now they are an increasingly important tool for small businesses. As owner-operator you have enough hats to wear and should be focusing on actually running you business –not posting pictures online.

In turn, a few clicks of a button on a regular basis. helps grow your brand and widen your reach for customers so your return on investment for a few hours a week to maintain relationships with current customers can ge huge.You don’t have to post all the time on your social media channels you just have to make sure your posts are relevant, interesting and informative to your target audience. Quality always beats quantity.

Be transparent and focus on community. because customers shop at small businesses for value. When you build your relationships, you build your business. Social media isn’t like traditional advertising where you put a message out into the world and hope someone responds. You have to create a conversation and engage the audience in creating authentic fans.

You’ve invested the time. Now invest a little money, too. The key is to know your audience, and you can easily promote posts, share offers, gain more followers and drive traffic to your website. As your budget allows, put some funds toward Google AdWords to help bump your website to the top of search engine results. To do this, you’ll need a defined list of keywords that represent you and are found frequently on your website. It’s important to have both in mind so you get the best bang for your buck.

Vortex Multimedia has recently partnered up with Google specialists and now offers Analytics and Adwords Growth for every website we build.

Amplify your social media message by developing specific, targeted ads on these platform with just a few clicks. Social media allows small businesses to engage the online community as one of the keys to your success.

In a world of noise stand out to heighten your company’s visibility, broaden reach and engage current and future customers. It will only work if you do it right.


Once I have a website, will it appear on the first page of Google?

Having a website does not automatically mean you will appear on the first page of Google, or any other search engine. The problem is that there are literally millions of websites out there, so every time someone searches with a word or phrase in a search engine, your website is competing with millions of other sites. Search engines are extremely clever and can read the content of every single page of every single website.

Therefore one of the most important things you can do to promote your website is to make the text relevant to the subject matter of the specific web page, and to include the words that you want the search engines to find you with. How else are the search engines supposed to know what your page is really about? You’d be surprised how often we’ve heard of people that complain about getting poor search results for a web page that does not include the word(s) they want it to be found with.
It’s also important to keep your website fresh, ie change the content or images regularly. It shows the search engines that you are trying to keep your website relevant and therefore as informative for their clients as possible. A blog can sometimes work in this respect. The search engines client, the searching public, are the most important thing to them, as it’s of paramount importance that when a search is made the results are as accurate as possible. Finally, remember that most search engines will take time to index a new or updated website. It might be a few weeks or even a few months until you see the ‘“fruits of your labor”.
To summarize, keep these three points in mind:
Have realistic expectations. Your odds of being found in a search engine for a specific phrase are much better than for a general term.
Keep your website fresh and relevant.
Be patient, it takes time to move up the rankings.

There are many other ways to help promote visitors to your site and therefore improve your ranking. The more popular your site appears with the number of visits, the more the search engines will reward you.

Printed material (like flyers, brochures, and business cards) with your website advertised encourages people to visit your site. Social media marketing will do the same. You should adopt a multi-layered approach for ultimate success.

There is also something clever called SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) This helps to optimize your website through coding and the understanding of the complicated workings of Google and the like, and can prove to be very successful. It is an art form in itself and requires significant ongoing costs after your website is published.

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Work on Next Year’s Game Plan

Celebrate your accomplishments and recognize those individuals who made it possible.

Sometimes, we just move on to the next task without taking the time to reflect on the success we’ve had. If you spend a little more time thanking those who help you succeed, you will generate more positive support for future projects.

Decide what changes you want to make.

“If you change your habits, you can change your life.” Have you heard that phrase before? If you are frustrated about something in your life or at work, when the pain is great enough, you will know it’s time to make a change.

Clarify what you want to accomplish with each goal

If you don’t have sufficient reason to change, you won’t be motivated to change. Determine whether you are a “Work Toward” or “Move Away From” type of goal setter. Some people work toward a goal to create a better future. Others set goals to avoid problems. Once you identify your goal-setting style, you can plan from the proper perspective.

Clarify your goals and make them measurable.

S.M.A.R.T. goals are:

Specific – Define precisely the objective or outcome you want

Measurable – Define objectively how you will know when you’ve attained the goal

Action-oriented – Use action verbs to describe the steps required

Realistic – Confirm your belief that the goal is, indeed, possible

Timely – Set a target date for reaching your goal.

Break large goals into reasonable chunks by celebrating mini-milestones.

You need to feel like you’re moving forward; this approach will help.

Establish which goals are most important to the big picture.

Prioritizing your goals will help you identify what you are going to work on right now, next week and next month. You will probably work on many goals simultaneously but by prioritizing them, you’ll know what requires the most attention or has the biggest urgency.

Determine the resources you need to complete each goal.

Outline a budget and list what tools will be required to accomplish each goal. Will you need consulting? Do you need to purchase a website? What else?

Post your goals in a visible location.

Writing down your goals is the first step in showing positive commitment, and keeping them close demonstrates you are willing to focus on accomplishing them.

Identify obstacles you may encounter along the way and develop a contingency plan before they cause delays or frustrations.

Then brainstorm with your support team about how to avoid or overcome those obstacles when or if they appear.

Establish a reward system.

You need reinforcement for achieving each goal and reaching milestones in your endeavors. Make each one fun and worthwhile.

Successful business leaders develop goals to achieve their vision.

Their commitment to their goals, and thus to their vision, is made obvious both by their actions and their repeated communication of what must be done – and why.


Eco Gift Festival


Eco Gift Festival delivered a stress-free holiday shopping experience in a festival-like setting, We showcased world-class live entertainment, socially conscious speakers, an organic food court and on-site shipping available with over 200 vendors. The event held the highest standards of sustainability, employing green experts to ensure their own greening efforts remain at the cutting-edge. With over 10,000 attendees, this amazing event was carried out with minimum carbon footprint left behind at the Santa Monica Civic Center.

Project Example
Project Example
Project Example
Project Example

Catalina Spa & Resort

Catalina Resort & Spa

This campaign was developed as a special event package to promote an elaborate Halloween party on Catalina Island for Catalina Canyon Resort. The Vortex event department produced and developed a three day vacation for the client to increase occupancy during off season. Our team organized the entertainment, logistics, travel accommodations, decorations, promotions, sales and management for this event. This holiday venture was advertised heavily online along with an intense street team throughout Los Angeles and Orange County and on the Catalina Island.

Project Example
Project Example


Project Example


Project Example


Project Example



Whiskey’s Roulette Group


The Vortex event team launched this mobile bar service company with a series of pop-up parties in DTLA. All aspects were covered in house, including scouting the venue, booking the talent, creating the marketing material, and staffing for service. We created the brand, the website, and the event to bring our client’s concept to life and introduce the company to key players in the industry.

Project Example
Project Example


Project Example


Project Example