Once I have a website, will it appear on the first page of Google?

Having a website does not automatically mean you will appear on the first page of Google, or any other search engine. The problem is that there are literally millions of websites out there, so every time someone searches with a word or phrase in a search engine, your website is competing with millions of other sites. Search engines are extremely clever and can read the content of every single page of every single website.

Therefore one of the most important things you can do to promote your website is to make the text relevant to the subject matter of the specific web page, and to include the words that you want the search engines to find you with. How else are the search engines supposed to know what your page is really about? You’d be surprised how often we’ve heard of people that complain about getting poor search results for a web page that does not include the word(s) they want it to be found with.
It’s also important to keep your website fresh, ie change the content or images regularly. It shows the search engines that you are trying to keep your website relevant and therefore as informative for their clients as possible. A blog can sometimes work in this respect. The search engines client, the searching public, are the most important thing to them, as it’s of paramount importance that when a search is made the results are as accurate as possible. Finally, remember that most search engines will take time to index a new or updated website. It might be a few weeks or even a few months until you see the ‘“fruits of your labor”.
To summarize, keep these three points in mind:
Have realistic expectations. Your odds of being found in a search engine for a specific phrase are much better than for a general term.
Keep your website fresh and relevant.
Be patient, it takes time to move up the rankings.

There are many other ways to help promote visitors to your site and therefore improve your ranking. The more popular your site appears with the number of visits, the more the search engines will reward you.

Printed material (like flyers, brochures, and business cards) with your website advertised encourages people to visit your site. Social media marketing will do the same. You should adopt a multi-layered approach for ultimate success.

There is also something clever called SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) This helps to optimize your website through coding and the understanding of the complicated workings of Google and the like, and can prove to be very successful. It is an art form in itself and requires significant ongoing costs after your website is published.

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