Think outside the box!!

With creative thinking and the proper tools, we can create a customized fundraising event perfect for your group. Although walk-a-thons, golf tournaments, and gala events, are great event ideas they don’t set you apart from others.

The best place to start is by looking at the core of your organization or business. What is the mission of your organization? You want an event that helps to convey your mission to your supporters and the community at large. What are you trying to accomplish? Yes, spreading awareness for your cause and meeting financial needs is key, but be specific here. How can you create an event that will appeal to your audience and local community while helping you accomplish your goals? These questions can be answered by the Vortex event team at the beginning of your planning cycle.

Here are 10 event ideas that can generate major revenue for your cause.

  1. Bike Race
  2. Video Gaming for Good
  3. Local Concert
  4. Bake-off
  5. Pub Crawl
  6. Casino Night
  7. Silent Auction
  8. Raffle Fundraiser
  9. Fashion Show

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